How To Throw A Sparkling Garden Party!

Our summer party series aims to bring back the joy of entertaining.

Govino Champagne Flutes

Drink (and enjoy) more bubbles without the fear of cheers-ing the first crash of the night. These flutes are a cross between a white-wine (bottom) and champagne glass (top), which allow the aromas to be captured to a tapered focus on the nose. Made from a lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible, BPA-free polymer that is shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe! Party on, people. 

Wild Hibiscus Flowers In Syrup

Pro-up with this beautiful, delicious and versatile edible hibiscus flower syrup. Adds a touch of class to food dishes, cocktails and SINGS in a glass of bubbly. Don’t worry, a long shelf life keeps this special bonus handy in your pantry. Whole flowers are packaged into this jar, making you the foodie stylist of your dreams. 

Prosecco Pong

As bubbles seem to be the dominant theme in this round-up, (it IS a garden party after all), we recommend the Top Tables’ Prosecco Pong to pop, fizz and sabre your guests all night (or afternoon?) long! This game will unite and excite and look fire in your Instagram memories. 

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